Saab 2000

Experience the Fastest, most capable turboprop in its class

When it comes to private charter flights for sports teams and business groups, the Saab 2000 offers a range of benefits that make it an excellent choice. First and foremost, the Saab 2000 is known for its spacious cabin, which provides ample room for team members to relax and prepare for their upcoming events or meetings. With a seating capacity of up to 30 passengers, the aircraft ensures that everyone can travel together comfortably, fostering team unity and collaboration.

Another major advantage of flying in a Saab 2000 is its versatility and efficiency. This aircraft is designed for short and medium-haul flights, making it ideal for sports teams traveling to regional competitions or business groups attending conferences or meetings in nearby cities. The Saab 2000 has impressive takeoff and landing capabilities, allowing it to operate from shorter runways, including those found at regional airports. This means teams can conveniently access airports that may be closer to their final destinations, reducing ground travel time. The Saab 2000 boasts excellent fuel efficiency, reducing both costs and environmental impact.

FRE/ACE is the world’s largest civilian operator of Saab 2000’s. We are industry-leading experts in the aircraft type, and our Director of Maintenance is the Saab 2000 ISC Chairman-Operator Focalpoint.

Whether you’re booking a private plane charter for a sports team or a business group, the Saab 2000 and crew will get you there quickly and safely.

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Saab 2000 Passenger Aircraft Interior
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Freight Runners Express

Saab 2000
Aircraft Specifications


The Saab 2000 can climb from 0 to 29,500 ft in eight minutes, one second, still a world record holder in its class

As of 2022, we become the largest civilian operator of the Saab 2000


30 passengers
Exceptional comfort and leg room


Galley with Ovens
Enclosed Lavatory
Overhead Bins
Large Baggage Area

Three-Crew Operation

First Officer
Flight Attendant


Non-Stop range up to 2,000 miles
Endurance of 4 hours and 30 minutes
Cruise speed 425 MPH
Requires only a 4,000 ft runway length, offering access to regional destinations and expanding markets

“Thank you for your assistance in finding us a flight w/ FRE/ACE and ensuring that there was an open line of communication between us and the Provider. Our timely and safe arrival felt like a priority throughout the entire process, and I have no doubt that this was largely because of your involvement. Changes were communicated in an efficient and calculated manner – which I am extremely thankful for. We take great pride in providing our players a world-class experience, and on this trip that would not have been possible without you, your team, and the resources you provided us with.”

Collegiate Sports
Director of Operations